<LNG 241 Acadamic Writing: Weekly Journal
by Patama Ramchune>

Start: 11.45 pm Stop: 12.47 pm
R.I.P., MJ

 I think the hot topic of the world for this day is the death of Michael Jackson! OMG… I think I just heard about the preparation of his concert on next month. (?)  After I know the news, I find the song of Michael Jackson for a while. When I was young, I can remember that he was very popular, everyone everywhere knows his song. I like a lot of his songs. I think the first song that made me know him is Billy Jane, very good song. I think one of his talents that made people know him is his dance. He got a lot of dance step that very popular until now, for example, moon walk, thriller dance (I really don’t know the name of the step) or doing grab the crotch (or something, I don’t know the name in English, again). I think I had ever read the cartoon about his concert in Thailand (Dangerous tour) that a lot of people try every way to have his ticket concert but the concert had to postpone because of his health, which was very funny. (I mean about the cartoon ha-ha) 

 My favorite song of MJ is Black and white, not only the beat, the arrangement of the song and his dance but also the meaning of the song. I like the lyric at ‘But, if you’re thinkin’ about my Baby. It don’t Matter if you’re Black or White’, the song told about the equality, the black or white is just about the people thought. I think this song is the best! The special thing of the music video is he showed a lot of different dance around the world and Thai dance is the second from this video! His dance is very impressive. But anyway, people always know a lot of bad side about him such as the Sexual Abuse or he tried to be white. (That why I saw a lot of parody song that is ‘MJ black or white’ but he said he was a kind of skin disease) And after that, if there was the news about him, it always was about his dark side.

Actually, I also like the performance with Jackson 5. My favorite song is ‘Never can say goodbye’. That’s his best song with Jackson 5. (In my opinion) He can reach the high note (and I’m crazy about the single that can reach the high tone so it made me double like this song). He was very amazing.

So he reach the final part of the region, he pass away. Rest in peace… Michael Jackson.

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