The Beatles: Rock Band 09-09-09

Patama Ramchune


Start: 11.48 pm Stop: 2.00 am

The Beatles: Rock Band 09-09-09

                I really want to play this game. ‘Rock band’ is the musical game like ‘Guitar Hero’, you have to play with your chosen game device such as guitar, drum or microphone and try to catch up the note that will come up following the song. Actually, I prefer Guitar Hero but this version is more interested because it make of the Beatles’ song and the game trailer was better than Guitar Hero 5 release in the same month. This game will release on September 9th, 2009 (or 09-09-09) and Guitar Hero 5 will release on September 1st, 2009.  This game is including some good song from the Beatles such as ‘Day tripper’, ‘Get back’, ‘I wanna hold your hand’, ‘I feel fine’, ‘I saw her standing there’ and more over. The reason that I want to play is the Beatles is one of my favorite band. My favorite song from this band is ‘Here come the sun’ which is very peaceful when I hear it. In my personally, seem like the Beatles like the sun very much. A lot of song that compose by the Beatle was referring to the sun. For example, ‘Here come the sun’, ‘Sun King’ or ‘I’m the walrus’ (in the lyric that said ‘sitting on the English Garden and waiting for the sun’- This is my favorite part of the song). I don’t know is it connected or not, but when I hear their song I usually imagine about the flower (or this is the course that someone in that era called themselves hippie), colorful, uncommon animal, ladybug sign and smiling sun. Another though in my opinion (just my opinion), I think George Harrison has less popularity than other but I think I know his song (from ‘my sweet lord’) before I know the Beatles (except the Happy Birthday song). I won’t write much (more than this) because I don’t know much about the Beatles.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to play Guitar Hero 5, I still love it and want to play it very much because this series including a lot of my favorite rock band such as Santana, Queens of the stone ages, Coldplay,  Arctic monkey, Muse and of course ‘Queen ‘. (Seem that I really like rock, am not?) There are some songs that make me wonder like Superstition by Stevie Wonder, how can it be in this game? Superstition is not rock at all but I still like Stevie Wonder, I used to think about to be like him too. (In term of electric piano skill not about the blind or singing)

But back to the real world, I don’t have enough money to pay for this game. I just spent my collected money for the electric guitar. At first, I want to keep it for WII player but this game is not just the game controller, they must have game CD, remote device, guitar device, drum device, microphone device and most of recent game controller require High-definition Television but my room has only 14 inch television. So I think I could play it sometime at game center instead of buying my own device.



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