You can save the planet!

Patama Ramchune

Start 7.00 pm Stop 9.15 pm
You can save the planet!

 I just finish my home work about global warming. That remain me about the documentary film name is “story of stuff” by Annie Leonard which I had watch in the social class about environment. The film’s talking about the story of stuff (the same as the title) since it was the resource, distribution, consumption until the disposal. Now, human beings have damaged our planet much and more than ever. That make some people try to make our world better for avoid the impact such as climate change or global warming.

 From the film, they tell all the truth about the consumption of people. Nowadays, some country (such as America) lost resource about 7 football field a minute! If every country consumes the same rate of America, we need about 5 planet but we only got one. They said US has only 5% of resources of the world but they use about 30% of the world. That make US has to find another source from going to take for somebody else called Third world, but you know what? That also mean it’s mine but just in another land. So they go trash and damage too. And what about people who live there? They stay in the natural and don’t need to buy much stuff. But the civilizer said, if you don’t buy, you have no value. So mean for the people who live there for long generation. What they can do is just following the civilization such as going to work in the city. The production is one of the most causes of pollution. They put a lot of chemical ingredient for making stuff and produce a lot of waste product to the environment. According from the book “you can save the planet” from Jacquie Wines said, the average person in the US produces more than six pounds of trash every day. This means our planet is in danger of becoming one big garbage dump. Corresponding to the film, some stuff is design to be the trash as quick as they can. The simple example is electronic stuff, the computer part always change very time. If you buy the component today, maybe next month it can’t be use with new design. Another example is fashion, it always change every season that mean if you buy today you can’t use again for next season. That why we are facing a big problem about dumping stuff. Not only for the dumping, but we also have the problem about the disposal. As we know, to make the stuff, we use a lot of chemical, so to discard the trash, the toxic will came up to the air, land or water.

 So they are several way to make a difference, you can start at the nearly and then you can go widely and widely. The first thing we can do is using 4D; there are Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle. Earth’s future, your future is in your hands. Go to work! (I lent the last quote from the book, I love this sentence)

 The film was very interested; it isn’t like another documentary film that you think. It shows by using a simple cartoon but mean too much. It’s the best I ever watch, I use to keep the film in my iPod and watch it again and again. (It’s English with no sub-title, so I need more time to understand, ha-ha, just kidding). You can know more from, there are much more than I write today.

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