Dabate things

Patama Ramchune
49270621 CPE


Start: 1.00 am. Stop: 3.00 am.

KMUTT’s new logo

This afternoon I went to attend the “First KMUTT Debate Championship”; it was the debate competition of the student. This is my first time for attend the debating activity (since start until finish). At first, I just want to go to cheer up my junior friends for her first debate, want to see my friends debating because I want to see how good they can be and I also was at LNG building this evening. They are the winner from the Thailand debate championship (or something that’s very big price but I don’t know much because I never-never want to see the debate things).

 I think debating was boring especially in English! I should say goodbye for this event. I have seen the movie “Rocket Science” when I was in America. I watched it because I think it’s the comedy-drama film (yeah the poster told that!) about science things. But that movie is about debating! (And nothing about Rocket) The content of the movie was very good, but it is the English soundtrack and has only English sub-title, so I try very hard to understand that movie. It tells the story of Hal Hefner, a fifteen-year-old stutterer who decides to join his school’s debate team. Stutter! And Debating! Oh, my god! How could I understand this movie? The debaters have to speak quick and tight. So Hefner have to try to speak better. But for me, no way! I’m also speaking slow and a little bit stutter in Thai. So in English, it should be impossible. So, since I was in first year until now, I always avoid attending the CPE debate event. (So sorry that I don’t know anything or the word about debating)

The last topic of the debate is “This House Should Welcome the KMUTT New Logo?” The prime minister is Pop, the Leader of Opposition is Rooney (His name is Eam, but he always uses this name in English class. Me too, I use Ann instead of Aun because many foreigner teachers can’t read my name, T T). Anyway, they two are the member of KMUTT team that won the Thailand debate competition.

Actually, I didn’t agree with the new logo. But Pop said and gave many reasons that make me almost welcome the new logo like it should be in the campus informal event, the goods logo or in the book. Because it easy to recognize and more modern. This is KMUTT not KMU something like Ladkrabang or North Bangkok. He said we also respect to the tradition but we just use it for trademark to make it more dynamic and can use in informal work or stuff. Suddenly, Rooney came to talk about why we don’t accept the new logo. The tradition is show the unity of “three KMU”. It was given by Thai Royal and we use it many years. But who are we will going to change this Mark. We are talking about the traditional, pride of the Royal seal but the government just said in term of bottle logo or piece of paper.

Both sides gave many reasons and details that bring me agree with them. But finally, even they gave me a lot of reason but I still disagree with using new logo. It’s not the trade mark, it’s university mark. Nothing about business, it’s the institute of studying. I never saw any learning institute has changed their own logo. So I completely disagree with this idea.

This debate was very fun and funny. I think it would be informal debating because I think the real debate should be more serious (or not I just know from the movie). Something leads me to think this was the debate for fun such as; when the opposition said how we should do when we thrown the water bottle with the logo on it, then Pop has thrown his water bottle away. Or when the timer tap the bell for remain that’s out of time, at first Pop just ignore it. But the timer rang more, Pop said like “Stop that! I’m speaking. Even you rang it again and again, I want to tell more” or “Stop tapping! I know that” and when he finished his talk he said “Ok! Tap” … “Ring!” Some acting I never know before like we can rise the hand or stand up for disturb the talking or beat the table for cheer up and agree with the debater. And I saw that everyone speak very good and very impress. I love one of the debaters; she is the junior student in my faculty. I know that she has very good accent but this was my first time to listen her for debating. I’ll become her fan.

I ask Rooney about the real debate, he said it should be more formal than today (I think so). Then Rooney introduce me some member from the debating team. They ask me to join the debate club (Oh, no!) I know I can’t do. I don’t like debating and don’t like to be debater too, but I will think about it again if the reward is O.K.

Even the debate was very good but I still don’t want to talk in the public speaking. My friend said if you think you can’t, that mean you give up and you won’t get anything. I always know that but I just need time for restraint my mind for speak because I’m not speak much. (I mean speak essential thing ha-ha)

PS. Last week, I wrote this journal. But that day, Aj. said that we have to debate to. OMG. I just complain about how much i hate it!

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