whole lot of things

MySuperCoolThings this week
Yeah! I found another Nyuyens.
Really cool Vietnamese.
SuperCool~ ain’t Asian rock?
DragonForce is English rock band but the guitarist is Asian. Very super cool, Through the fire and flames is my best song in this week. (yeah! the song from guitar hero III) ><~
I just wanna publish something, i’m very nervous about my senior project. I didn’t work on it for a week. T T. A lot of work but I still lazy. Very bored………………. How weird. 
One other thing……….. why MTV don’t allow other country to watch ABDC this week. I just watch the ABDC episode 5 on Wednesday,,,, How come on this Friday……. X-factor also didn’t allow the people outside UK watch this show but the still upload the performance on YouTube.  Super sad this week. 
However, i just have done all of my serious things before final exam. Extend conversation with English speaker, Data security work- I still don’t believe that Ajarn will believe us but because of my member was very excellent in explain and preparation, we can manage it quite well. (After the presentation, everybody said we all have to pray for this project 😀 — Computer Engineer haha very technology) That makes me feel better but still nervous for project. 
I need ABDC this week…… ถ้าไม่อย่างนั้นแล้วฉันจะวีน ฉันจะยิ่งกว่าวีน ,,,,, Really? 😀

2 thoughts on “whole lot of things

  1. เบื่อมากส์ แต่ขี้เกียจทำงาน ตอนกลางวันก้อร้อน ขี้เกียจทำงาน ตอนกลางคืนก้อง่วง ไม่อยากทำงาน เฟสบุ๊กก้อไม่รู้จะเ่ล่นอะไรแล้ว ตอนนี้เล่นครอสเวิร์ส แทน

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