First step!!

YEah!!!! I just got Germany Visa 😛

Anyway, for whom that don’t know what da heck I’m gonna do there.
Firstly, I win a scholarship from IAESTE and i’m going to work at Germany for 2 months. My work field is about image processing and speech processing. (Yeah! it’s computer study). I’m gonna take the plain on 23 Juni, around 8.30 pm and please don’t try to sent me off, i’m gonna cry….. (actually, it’s Wednesday and it won’t suitable for you, my friends who got the job.) But it would be nice 🙂
I have plan to visit my friends at Paris on 24-28 June and then take the Euro… something (Eurorail?) to go to Erlengen, Germany. It would be the great time there for both Paris and Erlengen.
Erlengen local staff was very nice, they usually send me the email like where or when are your arrival, local guide book or year plan for exchange student.
Arrrrrr I can’t wait for my huge journey.
good luck everyone

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