Brief von Deutschland. (ersten Eindruck)

Brief von Deutsch. (ersten Eindruck, ersten:first, Eindruck:impression)Here
is Erlangen, Germany. After my long journey from France to Germany,
it’s take around 7-8 hours, not so bad for the train. First time here,
the local student from IAESTE Erlangen, Michael, came and pick me up to
the city hall and then went to my place. I have to sign many many paper
about the rule to live here, the deposit, and so on. Michael was very
nice (still nice actually). Then I was sleep all evening because i was
so tired, and you know? I still have something like jet-lag for 2 or 3
weeks, I don’t know why but I feel like sleepy everytime.

My first week at Erlangen was so hard for me. I have to stay here 2
months (and 2 weeks for travel.) At first, I though 2 months is so
short, then only in first week, I can tell that I really want to go
home. My first week at Erlangen was so hard for me. I have to stay
alone, I can’t understand German, I lost the way, my cradit card didn’t
work here, my work place was very far and I have to take an expensive
bus… and so on and so on.

My place was so far from the university but all facilities was
good.(?) I have the router for access the internet but I still can’t use
it because it was locked by password! Then next day I had to go to the
center. I went to Arcaden and buy the lan-cable. Yes, I’m Computer
Engineering now, it was a little thing I can do. But you know, there are
2 kinds of cable and I can’t remember which one was right! Then I just
pick on and it’s work! Thanks god. And then, I just realize that, you
can use both cable for router. (Ok – -“) So it was so goooooood!
Finally, I got the internet access hehe!

I have another problem with my bathroom door. I just went to the
bathroom lock the door, and then! I was lock! I can’t open the door. You
could imagine that I’m alone in the place and I was stuck in the old
bathroom. That was terrible, I nearly to cry,,,, Then I try to break the
door and it won’t help. So I have to unlock the door with my nail and
scissors. Hopefully, it work, but my nail was ripped, oh common, I just
got this nail art before I came here. Anyway, afterthat, if i was alone i
the house, i never lock the door again.

I had roommate within next week, Nuria, she’s from Spain and very
nice. Everything getting better in next few week, now I have friends
here and everyone in my work place was very nice. The work was a little
bit boring but it wasn’t so hard to deal with it. I would say now I love
my job and it not so hard to live here.

Auf Wiedersehen,
Aun Patama Ramchune

One thought on “Brief von Deutschland. (ersten Eindruck)

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