Brief von Deutschland. (Paris)

Brief von Deutsch. (Paris)Hi, I’m Patama Ramchune. I’m currently in Erlangen, Germany for taking the training program here.

Before I came to Germany, my first country that i have to stop in EU is France on 25 June 2010. I decided to visit my friends,Eve Pop and Louis, at Paris for 3-4 days and then take the train to Erlangen. The flight from Bangkok was so so so nice. I met such a good flight mate, he’s so nice and help me everything that i need to know. But the only thing that i don’t like is his girlfriend. (Booooo, just kidding) Then I have to wait for the flight to Paris at Abu Dhabi, there was very super dupler high technology, free wifi, free computer. I can stay overnight there actually. By the way, I arrived Paris around 7 o’clock more or less, then called my friends. Everything seem to be nice, unfortunately, the train from there place to the Airport was stop working!!! What?!? Yes, they are strike for something. Ok, so they take the bus instead and we met around 11 o’clock. (Oh! god) This was what i just heard from Thailand that Paris seem to have strike everyweek. Oh! ok, this was what I have to see once in Paris. Then, I have to spend all evening in the bed ‘cuz i was very tired from the plain. There place was very nice, they have there own bathrooom and share kitchen with 2 other guys, not so bad.

Next day, we had city tour in Paris to visit the most popular place you have to see like Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, the gate somewhere, Louvre etc. That was so nice, actually, i’m not the one who love to travel to see the popular place and take a picture to say like “Hey! i’m here”, otherwise if i was with friends is alright. Then we stop at somewhere like the garden around Eiffel tower, that was so nice and relax, we taking a lot of funny picture. After that, everybody was so tired, so we stay in front of computer and do everythink like you do in thailand. (You know, you’re the same, doing this routine.) Then we have a dinner at midnight (more or less). Oh! my god, I never have dinner at midnight since i was graduated! It made me feel like in the uni again. (oh common, it’s just 3 or 4 month) Anyway, Pop and Louis was the good cook, i sware.(Hey! Louis do you need housewife.)

Next, I can’t remember exactly what we were do, but we did something like shopping 🙂 and I had a nice Paris desert. wow, i’ll gain a lot of weight from that one. Then we went home and there was a projector in there room (for the project) and Louis just got the movie “Kick ass” so we stay at Louis room and watch the movie together. It was so cool, he projected the screen on the wall and we all lie down and watch the movie. (nice guys)

Nextday, we got up and went out so late. I could say like CPE time or something. Then I had to buy the ticket to Germany for the next day. I know that it was so late but what should I do? So we went to the train station office and bought the ticket. Unfortunately, it’s no seat to go to Germany. Oh common, then I decided to stay longer of a day and it was good. Then we went to Château de Versailles. (It’s a castle) but we didn’t go inside because it was close. (yes, we went late) anyway, we stay at the garden for a while and made some funny video that someone might seen it already. (but there are more than that…. we are so “Grean”!) After that, Pop Eve and Loius have to finish there report and submit to there professor tomorrow, so they are in hurry and had to work over night, all i can do is just prepare the meal (but most of the meal was from pop, actually). Then I went to bed around 2 or 3 am. And when I woke up in the morning, I was surprised, why Eve’s snore so lound, then I got up and see,,, Oh! goddddd Jezzzz, Loise was sleep on Eve bed!!! what should i do, what should i do? (well, do i need to do something, he was sleeping – -“) Then I stared to turn on my computer and doing the same routine. I don’t know why but the sound of his breath make my mind blow up for sure. So I need to listen to the music to stop thinking about the sound….

Then after they woke up, we went to there school (or University) It didn’t seem like university at all from my view but that was nice. Then we tried to find some French meal, and I have Cruz cruz with big sausage (or something – -“) anyway, i don’t like cruz cruz now. That evening, the internet was down, so we can’t to our routine thing. Then me and Loise went to the music room. Wow! how coooooooool was that place! It was all I need to have all the time. There are a lot of instrument (yeah! except Guitar) and we were there such a long time, I can’t remember how long but that was so coooool. You can see me using the DJ. thing here >>

Then, it’s time to say goodbye guys, see you next time. I have to catch my train From Paris to Stuttgart and Stuttgart to Nuremburg and Nuremburg to Erlangen. Cooool! man I am with 28-kilo-bag here! with 3 connection but it was fine. Not so bad than I expect.(well i didn’t expect for the bad things just in case) And It was nice to see my friends there before my huge journey in Germany.

Auf wiedersehen
Ann Aun Patama

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