Now, my goal is able to speak at least 4 languages fluently!

After I met a guy from Prague, he said "Every languages is easy" and he able to speak many languages (yeah, seem like he is Languages expert or Languages advisor something, actually i didn’t understand his accent much but that was good).

Anyway,  I plan to learn another 2 languages which is German and Spanish. I started learning Spanish by myself for 2 years (and fail), so I think I should learn Spanish first (isn’t it?). German said Spanish is easier (and able to use in many many country too) 🙂

Then next two years I will able to speak Spanish and German! This is my current big goal. Yeah!

Oh! And the first big things, I need to improve my English skill too. – -" My English skill is so poor,

Poor Aun

After that, (maybe next 3 years) re-learn Chinese and Japanese. 🙂 wow how cool! I have time.