Brief von Deutschland. (Kulturschock)

Brief von Deutschland. (Kulturschock)
(Kulturschock – Culture shock)

Hi! While I was in Germany, there are many things that I have to get used to such as food, languages, transportation and including culture.

First, greeting, actually, it’s not my first time for foreign country but I still shock for greeting things. Yeah, I’m from Thailand, we just do Wai(ไหว้) and say sawaddee(สวัสดี) for greeting. We don’t shaking hands, hugging or kissing that’s why i always shock (but not much as the first time). Some of my friends know that I always surprise for foreign greeting, then, they tried to freaking me, hugging, lifting,,,,, anyway, if you want to freak me just hug me is freak enough. And again, somebody they don’t know, anyway I don’t mind but i just fell a little bit panic. Yeah, actually I think now i already get used to hug.  (but not kissing or lifting, please) In my home town, I just do something like sniff kiss with my family (and with my close friend) that is the most thing i did. Sometime I just wonder, why guy do hugging with girl, why don’t guy and guy. Just wonder. (’cause I’m girl, you know)

Then everybody know that if you were in Germany, you have to drink beer. Honestly, I never use alcohol before. (Nah, Just a little bit not even more than a gulp of 5% alcohol.) One reason is I was in Student Buddhist Club so it’s immoral to drink alcohol. But just only a week, I had drink like 3 or more glass of beer (Oh my god!) I don’t want my parents to know that but Hey! mom and dad, I was in Germany, how can I decline, isn’t it? (hehe) But in Thailand, I can’t even drink a glass of schnapps. It’s not so good for girl to drink here. (Actually, I need just a glass of cocktail, can I?)

While I was there, when I have to stay at the hostel with other it’s so shock. They naked in the room! Oh my god! And everybody with top less. I might say this is my first time for that, kind of shock ha? Not more than that, ….. I can’t tell you in the detail, sorry. When I am here, I just saw girl with underwear, it was very embarrassed. Here, I don’t even wear the armless shirt!

Somebody has notice that I always bow my head when I walk pass someone. I never notice that, it’s automatically. It’s one thing for pay respect for the other. And other thing, they told me that I always avoid to look at the eyes. Yeah! I know it’s rude there to don’t look at the eyes because it’s mean I don’t pay attention to them. But lots of Asian believe that if you look at your pair eyes, it’s rude to them. So I automatically avoid to look at the eyes, sometime I didn’t notice. Fortunately, my friends understand me, they know that is my nature. Actually i know that’s rude and I try to look at my pair eyes but sometime I think, “Oh my god! I look at his eyes for so long, it might be not good.” or “Oh my god! I’m afraid for staring for so long.” I didn’t mean to rude you but I was so afraid to staring, it’s something I try to get used to.

It’s good that lots of people understand asian girl like me. They are so kind especially my roommate she knows our culture and so kind to me. Miss everyone 😀 I know that something I don’t need to get used to. Something Thai is the best for me. (hehe)

Auf Wiedersehen,
Aun Patama Ramchune

Q and A (Ann’s Answer)

A lots of people always asked me….. Here is my answer 😀

Q: You don’t have a boyfriend? Seriously?
A: Do I seem like I have a boyfriend?
Q: Of cause! ’cause you’re beautiful.
A: Yeah! I know. That why I don’t understand too.
Q: ………
Maybe this is the reason…. hehehe