There are many places to have fun in bangkok

Patama Ramchune
49270621 CPE
Academic Writing 1st task (2009)

Here is one of the most interested cities in Asia. Bangkok is full of cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, place to have fun. There are many good things to do to have fun in Bangkok. Therefore, you just need to know what and where you can go to have fun.

First of all, shopping at the market around Sampeng-Pahurat area is my favorite place for shopping. There are a lot of parts for shopping. For example if you want to find something for sell or start your little business such as gift shop or material for handcraft, you can shop at Sampeng-Pahurat. There is a lot of stuff for wholesale. If you want to buy the electronic item, you can look at Ban-Moh and Sapan-lek. I always went their when I have to work at the assignment about electronic course. If you want to rest and need something to eat, the-old Siam is the best place you should go because of the variety of foodstuff all over Thailand. Not only for the tiny stuff but also has the big stuff such as home machinery or music instrument too. Here, you can find whatever you are looking for with cheaper price, variety of things to buy.

Next is Suan Sonti Chaiprakarn or Thung Pra main, which is the public park that created for the great auspicious time of King Rama 9. It’s near Sun road and Chao Praya River so you can see the beautiful scene of the River and Rama 8 Bridge at night. There are other things you can have fun apart from rest in the beautiful park, for instance, see the music show that’s always arrange all the year especially for winter and Thailand festival time and join Thai ceremony such as Songkran day or Loy Kratong. Another thing you can enjoy here is eating Mataba, there is the most popular restaurant of the Sun road across this park.

Finally, I want to introduce the new museum of Bangkok, Museum Siam. There are many things you can do here for having fun that different from another Museum. For example, you will learn about the history of Siam start from prehistoric period until the current time with interactive media that you can watch and play like you play game about Thailand history. Another activities that I saw there is photographing, a lot of photographer went there because Museum Siam has many beautiful old period scenes for have a good picture such as old bar, old car, Television studio and gorgeous garden. Not only inside the museum, but in the museum is always have the free concert at night too. In conclusion, there are many places you have to go once if you come to Bangkok.

Here has a lot of fun by entertainment and education. With people who live in Bangkok, city life and places you visited, here you can have a good time everywhere. That why, Bangkok is one of the famous cities that people want to go.