Brief von Deutschland. (Meinen Kuchen)

Meinen Kuchen (my cake)
Guten tag!
I just read the blog about cooking from my team manager, that was really good and seem so delicious. Do you believe, i have tried to bake by myself once while i was in German. There was lots of good cake there, one of my favorite was Lemon cake. Then I tried to bake by myself.
nah!? forgot about the beer, I don’t know why it was in my kitchen (for real!!!!)
Und dan, I baked it by following the instruction (in German) and now I can’t remember what was in my cake. -*-

Yeah, finally I got……..

something like…… donut? no,,,,, it’s something smell like lemon but it’s uneatable…..

You know what’s my roommate said, she said “Ann if you don’t like it, you can throw it away….” Thanks, Nuria T^T that’s help a lot -*-

Anyway I’m not give up. After that I tried again from that ingredient, the taste was not good but it eatable, and it was good with my supervisor’s jam…. 😀


Erlangen jam

Thanks Mr.Hönig, you are sweet as honey. Mein Chef ist sehr genial!! (Honig is honey in German, so Hönig is some one who do something with bees (?) – My supervisor told me that his father has a bee farm for making honey,,,,, woooowww, that’s why you are so sweet XD )

So if you think you cook bad, I’m the real bad.
Auf Wiedersehen,
Aun Patama

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