There are some vocabulary that I always use but still confuse about how to spell. Thanks for auto suggestion word, that’s why I love blogging via computer.

  • Yeah, the first one that’s I already misspell: vocabulary
  • language
  • laugh
  • museum
  • restaurant
  • twelve
  • etc.

Here is just example, you know? sometime if you know too much languages (Arrr, miss spell again)  it’ll confused you, for sure! Last time I tried to teach my little brother about number, when we finish one to ten, I can’t remember the 12!!! all I can remember is “zwölf” and “doce” (it’s German and Spanish). But then I can remember how to read but I don’t know how to spell. Why “twelve” reads t-welv, why don’t t-wel-ve. Doesn’t make any sense, English is difficult!!!

Another difficult things for me is left and right. As I always said, I don’t even know which one is left or right. I know the meaning but I don’t know which side is left or right. Someone ask me how did you know which is left and right! Ok!

First, post my finger in L shape like … this …

and I’ll know which side is left from the shape of “L” then the other side is right! after that, translate in to my language (left ซ้าย right ขวา) Then I’ll know which side is left and right. So don’t be surprise if I always do the “L” shape if I have to know the direction. It’s also the same in German cuz left and right are linke and Recht . LOL

But now I have another problem, because when I learn Spanish left and right are ‘izquierda’ and ‘derecha’. So now I still don’t know which one is izquierda o derecha. I’m confundido T^T


Annita, wrote at work time -*-