Mean while in the river

I don’t have class to day (yeah, like a boss) but i need to go to university in order to work on my project.

The only problem for me about living in Bangkok is the traffic. I’m not sure if i am the only one or not, almost 70% of my tweet was about complaining the traffic! I stay at another side of the river called Thanoburi (the area that locate on another side of the river but still in Bangkok) on the road that have the sky-train construction along the road (Charansanitwong) because Bangkok need to extended the sky-train service to people at Thonburi . Actually, this period almost every road in Thonburi side was fulled of construction. Not only the sky-train construction side, but also the tunnel construction which was located on the worst traffic junction in this area (Bharomrachachonanee Junction) where I “have to” pass in order to go to university. And that all cause the terrible traffic for both morning and evening.


Thanks to the Chaopraya express boat (another transportation service of Bangkok). Sometime I use express boat to go to my university. If the traffic was not too bad, it took only 20-30 minutes but normally it was about 1 hr or 1.30 hr from my house to university. In the other hand, if I travel by boat, it took almost 1 hr, (15 minutes from my house to the pier by bus and 30 minutes by boat). Therefore, boat is not faster in every case. The time was quite the same but the feeling was totally different!


By the way, you might couldn’t imagine about Bangkok – Thonburi map, here is the map that I draw by myself (and by my feeling). The pink line was the road (with the construction along the road) and the yellow line was the boat route.


Sometime, I feel sorry to Bangkok(er), they spend too much time just for transportation everyday.

Writing on the way to university and drawing at the boat. 😛
Hasta lluego, y adios!