DiaryBlog 23/2/2012

Hi, today i wanna share about my broken heart when I was in high school.

Yesterday, I got the notification that someone mentioned me on the comment. It was from my high school friend. I might say we are close even we didn’t met for long time but we still keep in touch. He mentioned me like I gave him the inspiration, I have such a good gift. You know, in this blue time of mine, I would say that the message was cheering me up. Thanks mate. :’)

I don’t know why it was ending with my message like that. (LOL) When I was in middle school, I used to like a girl (the green one) and think that it would be better if she was a boy. Then, when we were in high school, she was a boy of another girl! What! That was my first time understanding the word ‘lesbian’. After that, I still had a crush on another girl(s) in school but I didn’t want to have a girlfriend for sure. (even my personal appearance was totally a boy at that time #lol) Once, I though I liked a boy (the blue one), he was a new student, so nice, good grade, funny and anything girl might like. And you know what? After I was friend him for a while, now I am his เพื่อนสาว. What’s the earth happen in this school!

Moreover, I just wanna share my photos about my high school life.

I am a performer

Mr Camera man and technical supporter of the school

And you might not believe that I was an athlete and make you have more surprise with the golden medal!!!

(sometime I think I was hot for girl)


PS. But now I think I am normal, I currently love a guy. (I think) 🙂