New year’s Resolution

Happy New year!
My wish list 2013

:: Microphone and Mixer for my studio
:: Drum pad
:: go to Spain and Italy
:: Lose weight for more 5 Kg.
:: Learn driving
:: New hair cut but this year I’ll give my hair to charity for cancer patients
:: Find new “permanent job” in industrial field, it’s time for finding a job that I think I could do and I’ll like it. I’m mature enough to make my life stable, no more fooling around. Time to be earnest! Many people from my age already have plan for future but I’m still be a poor student. Yeah, i know that everybody have there own plan and individual way for happiness. My plan is just start a bit slow, I need to learn from experience first.
:: boy friend(เอ๊ะ!?!) ^^ (Yeah,,, like every year, if you could find my previous blog(s) about New Year’s Resolution)
:: and yeah, I want to go home. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Germany but I think here is not my place to stay.

My last year’s resolution, I think I achieve almost all of them except losing weight (I lose only 2 kg from last new year), dating someone and improving the skill for speak some Spanish and German. From now I’m still spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. This year, I stop my wish for learning German, my life is too short! Honestly, I think my English is also getting worse!

I tried so hard to go abroad but when that time was coming, I could not deal with it! It was so hard to get used to Germany (again) but I am okay now. (Don’t worry!)

Last year, I have too much expectation and many thing were fail. So just let it be, I just need the main plan. My resolution were quite the same every year and some seem i will not be able to achieve.

Many things were happen to me last year. I would say they were bad time for me. It was the worst year of my cycle (ปีชง). My 12-year cycle (Chinese zodiac) symbol is Dragon and some people who believe the fortune-telling things believe that people from Dragon year will have a hard time last year. This year I am going on 25 and 25 years old is called “the crucial age of twenty-five”! Yeah, another bad year! I will be fine. Welcome by bad luck. I will live the life more carefully and set the state of mind in every moment of life. ผ่านปีชง เจอเบญจเพส

Then, Glückliches neues Jahr 🙂

Patama Aun

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