What’s February?

2 months left before my Birthday and 2 months left in Germany if I could graduate in time.

Last 2 week, I join the Kaneval (Carnival) for 3 days. This time I and my friends made our own custom from plastic back. Honestly, this is my first time making my own cloth for fancy party or carnival. Moreover, I also did my own haircut like last time but this time my hair starts back to be original, so it was not that easy to make it straight. I colored my hair into red. It might not be able to see from the photo but when it was totally red.

Here are the photo from 7th February.

me, friends and our cloths

team! pink orange green and red

How was the cloth? Sadly, it was snow on the day we stay in Aachen. I think I got a cold on the next day.

Then on Saturday (9th Feb), me and my friends went to Cologne to see the carnival. That’s totally awesome but I didn’t dress any fancy custom. (or maybe i dress like Asian student) lol By the way, joining the carnival was just a little part of the day because I desired to meet my friends their. Wow, I really missed them.
Honestly, I didn’t like Cologne that much because it always has the problems from about the rail way from Aachen to Cologne! Luckily, we had no problem on that day even it was late at night.

wow, million of people in Cologne for sure


Das ist sehr schön!!!!

And yeah! the biggest day! Rosenmontag! It was a lot of snow! wow! I joined the canival just one and half hour because it was so cool! On that day I dressed as a Gift box. Nice, isn’t it! We got a lot of snack, waffle, chocolate and many sweet stuff. Now it’s about 3 weeks but we still have some thing left from Rosenmontag. It was surprise me at first, my supervisor said it will have big carnival on Feb in Aachen is also big (yeah, Cologne is surely bigger) and there are lots of sweet was thrown from the people in the parade. Why people need to give us the sweet? I still don’t know but I think it was good for commercial for sure. Every set of parade has the brand logo and contact detail. For this reason many people could see it and they don’t need to pay for commercial just pay for the sweet and the audiences were happy. In fact, I think I don’t need those sweet but it was fun to do grabbing the stuff.


Hier kommt der Bus!!!

Ich bin Geschenk >.,<

They said, Carnival is for eliminate the cold. Actually, the weather is still cold so we could dance, drink and have fun to make us feel warmer. eiei

just made myself warmer

Extra! and this is how we made our dress

She’s designing

Me and my lazy dress because i just cut it into shirt and skirt

check my google plus for more photo: https://plus.google.com/photos/112184157332948773922/albums/5845468851724916817



Danke, Danke 😀