What’s a March

Last week was totally chaotic! Snow, snow is everywhere!

As I know, this time is spring break (am i right?)  but this week was totally crazy. I were sitting in the room and I could feel the wind from outside blowed through the window, I swear!   Since spring had come, I just realized that I have nothing done with snow! even the photo of me playing with snow. So I don’t know this is my luck or not that snow were in the town again. If I’m not wrong, I think the snow stared from Saturday non-stop until Wednesday. Then! We decided to play Schneeschlitten! (snow sledge).

It was so fun, I think I was like a bear! Here are some picture of me and the gang 🙂

598969_10151638407672415_1770809514_n (1) 420134_10151638407657415_790516073_n 3430_10151638409417415_841297052_n

Feeeeeeewwwwww~* ^_^



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