Probation is over

Yeah! Finally, my probation period is over! Actually, I officially sign for working here almost 2 weeks. I might said it was no reason that they had to extend my probation period. I know that I work hard during that time even it was not so good, but it should show my intention.

Looking at the past time, it was quite weird for me because I graduated Bachelor almost 4 years but I never stay in anyplace more than a year if I don’t count my part-time job during Master degree. Changing job 4 times make me know nothing in deep, but I have to say that my knowledge are acceptable for working in many areas. I know that it was not so good for my resume, but sometime, I need time to find the right, suitable and POSSIBLE for me. Actually, I did not take the job description as a first priority for choosing job. I just think that I can do this job and then I applied, that is! The reason of working for me is the workplace and environment. If the job is good but the environment is not okay then I think I cannot work there. As I said, I could work in any area (but it need to related to my knowledge) so work description is not my problem.

By the way, it could lead my head department concern about what if I leave again? So he think about specify my career path. He asked me what you want to do next. I replied, to be honest, I have no idea what I want to do for my career. I think a good organization will arrange this stuff for employee. However, I still have nothing specific. I never think about growing up for next five or ten years. I set goal only year by year and doing with all of my capability. I write new year’s resolution every year even I could not achieve all of them but I know my direction for next year. But for that far, I think I have to concern about it. (Hmmmm)

I may be not mature enough and never think about it so it could be a time. Wow! that was hard.

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