Hey! 2014

Wow, we are about to pass another year! This year I don’t feel the festive atmosphere here. It was a hard time in Bangkok (again) and also a hard time for me.

My wish list 2014

:: …..

I don’t know what I want for next year! Gosh! seems like i already lost my inspiration of dreaming. As I always told my self, I have no long term goal to achieve just the annual wish list such as travel, new hair style or dating someone but this year I think of nothing! Wish list always guide me what I should do next but this year I don’t even know what’s my carrier path would be. I just past the crucial age of twenty-five! I just wish that next year I’ll be happy and every thing is going to be just fine. I deserved happy.

Then I should think about review my 2013. 🙂

– Stay abroad: my half way for journey were in 2013. I were about get used to it but then I have only 4 months left. Although I cried almost all the time but i won’t regret that i were there. Sometime it cold outside but it warm inside. Meeting some old memories always make me feel good.

– Baking: Yeah! now I love bakery. Let’s see how long does it interests me.

– I got a job! yeah! and then stop my passion of learning. Even I want a permanent job but I still want to learn language. Choosing job instead of learning was quite not me. However, my job is not that bad. It explode me a new innovation, inspiration and show me the way of mature people. Although growing up is suck but I’ll live the life.

I could remember that last year I were in Köln for new year celebrate and there were firework everywhere! Super dangerous! This year, I stay in my bedroom, watching “Cross Year Prayer” on TV. It’s going to be a good beginning, then I hope that my motivation of improving will be back to me.

Now I go for pray, Happy new year everyone.



2013 in review

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