Halo 2015

Gosh, last year I had only 15 blogs while I have many things to write about. Now I totally forgot what I should write. As I know, when I was happy, will not write any blog. I wrote blog when i’m sad. That sad, because it should be a new blog when I think I have something to share. So many places I didn’t write about my journey and it even worse when I realised that I don’t even see my photos for some event I joined. 😛
Year in review 2014:

  • I worked for Venda 1 year already! Wow, let’s see how long I could make it!
  • Finally, I graduated Master’s Degree! Yeah! 3 years of shame and I could make it. Thank you.
  • I went to Laos with my high school friends, I would say that It was my first trip since we know each other for more than 10 years. That was really good. I promise myself, we could make it next time.
  • I joined Barcamp Bangkean 5 and I was a speaker! Wow! Achievement unlock.
  • That was funny to share but I won the price of fancy dress for new year party from the company. lol
  • I rejoin Fitness club and that was okay. I’ll be poor for at lease 3-4 months because of hiring trainer but didn’t help much. I’ll not use trainer who I don’t know or no recommend again. -_- I also want to know, if i was the only one who have a problem with personal trainer or not?
  • I was in love with someone. Even it was a short time and I know his real purpose but it was so happy like I never got this kind of attention before. You gave me a courage to did it together. It getting worse at the end but… thank you.
  • And the most big thing of this year was I just own my accommodation!!! Wow, it was more than half of my salary for pay installments. If I have no other income I think I could not make it for sure. I hope this year will be better. The same salary could not effort my needs anymore.

Work hard with a lot of dept made me think that it was a very hard year for me. I was on diet for my commencement day but the result was so disappointed. I also pay for an expensive program and it couldn’t work that well. That was the worst spending of the year. 😦 Then I could say that I was no mood of writing blog even I was sad. Gosh.

Then, what next in 2015:

As last year I have no resolutions so I have nothing to inspire me and that make me have no gold, just go to work, then fitness, then home (alone) aowwww, what’s a boring life. So here is my new year’s resolutions

  • Just go out and have fun! Everyone is getting older and older, my health was also getting worse. Let’s go out. I pay for good health, it was not wrong for have a sip of al or a glass of beer. (right?) Stop drinking for 2 months help me nothing, then I think, how about just don’t need to make it difficult. Don’t go that often but no need to pressure myself.
  • Learning new language. I think I know my work enough to have time for other things. No excuse for not learning.
  • Reading book. Stop worry so much about social network stuff. Read your books or go out and have fun.
  • Stop spending money just because to impress someone. (Please, he will not know.)
  • Work out more often
  • But don’t pressure myself so much about lose weight. Please, life is stress enough!

Goodbye a wasting year 2014


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