My dream destination

Bangkok, Thailand (even how much i hate bangkok, it might be how much i’ll miss)

Lampang, Thailand (The best)

Phuket, Thailand

And many many islands in Thailand,,,,,,,,,, here I come XD


Laos <- my dream destination start from here

Vietnam <-And then here

Japan <- bring back my old time

Taiwan <- My love story

Greece <- wanna see my old passion

Czech republic  <- every language is easy and expensive experience

Germany <- short time but huge journey

France <- my feeling about travel passion started from here

Spain!!!!! <- me gusta 🙂 y quiero ver a mi amigo

England <- why lots of artists i love are from this country

Egypt <- I have to go, what a huge passion

America <-my first travel was here

Brazil <- ❤ ❤

Peru <- machu picchu, to see someone that made me want to learn Spanish

Ukraine <- really want to see Tunnel of Love so bad.

Italy <- beautiful scene and yummy jelato

see, there are at lease 3 country use Spanish, that’s why I have to know!

Updated Jan 1, 2023 Country with cross line is already checked 😉 Next update will be city and photo…

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