New year resolution 2011

Writing in the Morning of new year in Thailand (+7.00 GMT)

Hello, this is another New year blog for me, every year I’ll write “TO DO” list here (well not here but “space live” was moved to “wordpress” so I can say it’s “here” right?

I can’t believe that I stop writing diary (i mean by hand) for 6 month. O_o just because my book was in another place! why I don’t just bring it to my place -*-. Anyway, I writing via computer was not that bad. 🙂

Last year, there were lots of things happen to me. Something good, something bad, well we couldn’t choose that well I need this things, I need that things, I don’t like that or something like that. But we can choose what we should do and take it for experience. The biggest things this year was I graduated!! Finally! with some hard situation finally I can finish within 4 years. Thanks everyone to make it happen. And another things that change my life was I had chance to go abroad. You know, actually I want to study about MBA instead of Engineer things but now I found that programming was still good for me. My 2 month experience about computer at Germany was so good, I couldn’t believe that I can learn new programming within 2 weeks! So programming is still fine for me and now I start thinking about Master Degree about Technology things, like I’ve learned for many years. Thanks for every single experience, even that was shocked me. I could told that not everything was good (especially my current work place) but I have to learn to stay with every dejection. So bye bye bad things last year. Hope we have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hehehe

Lots of my friends asked me about my Christmas, well I didn’t celebrate for Christmas, I’m not Christian. (yyyy, not really) but normally Thai people we know that there are Christmas, what did they do, the Christmas song, or even the history of Christmas. (Yeah because it is very internationality, I’ve learned about Christmas song or Jesus since I know English!) But what are we doing? We have decoration such as Christmas tree, man who dress like Santa Claus, everywhere playing song about Christmas but we didn’t do like praying, eating traditional dish or …. I don’t know what else they did for Christmas. So this might be my answer for some of my friends question. 🙂

And talk about my resolution this year!!! 2011 let’s start!

  • Learn more languages: may be Chinese, let’s keep German next time (and I’ll learn German for sure)
  • Study more for English and Spanish: I know that my English’s still bad, my goal is 550 for TOEFL test before April! And pass the Spanish examination this semester.
  • Find the new job:I wanna try something more difficult, my friend asked me to do part time job, i’ll think about it.
  • New hair cut: This is my every year resolution, I change my hair style every year.
  • Learn more about HTML5 : That was the coolest thing I should do! HTML5 was really cool.
  • Buy new compact camera : If you saw my camera, you should think it’s a good idea to buy a new one.
  • Buy new instrument : I’m thinking about Ukulele, it’s very popular now.
  • Learn driving : Actually I know how to drive but I need more confident.
  • Go swimming : I don’t know how often I’ll do it but I’ll go as much as I can.
  • Doing Master : I’ll do it for sure, I don’t know about what I should study, where should I go but I’m thinking about go abroad, so I have to study hard for scholarship! Hope I’ll get it soon. (But with this few salary I have to take more carefully about purchase things or finding new job might be better)

Just these for now on and it’s new year now for WordPress time! Happy new year 🙂

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